Content Organizer Settings and Rules

I did a demo of the Content Organizer a while back (which I forgot about).  So this one will be a break down of the Content Organizer Settings and Content Organizer Rules.  The Content Organizer is a feature that provides a fairly simple way of routing content to a destination.  The destination is determined by rules which are based on content types and metadata associated with the document being routed.

Activating the Content Organizer
A single site feature activation is required in order to use the Content Organizer.

Once activated you’ll notice that a Drop Off Library is created.  In addition to the new library, you’ll see two new links in the Site Settings; Content Organizer Settings, and Content Organizer Rules.  The two links will appear under Site Administration.

Content Organizer Settings
We’ll first take a look at the settings.  You have 6 configurable options:

  1. Redirect Users to the Drop Off Library
  2. Sending to Another Site
  3. Folder Partitioning
  4. Duplicate Submissions
  5. Preserving Context
  6. Rule Managers

The first setting, redirect users to the drop off library, will simply route a document to the appropriate location if the user attempts to upload a file to one of the destination locations.

Sending to another site allows you to route documents to another site collection.

Folder partitioning has several settings.  First, it allows you to set a limit for the number of items allowed in a folder.  When the limit is met, a folder is created with a name that you can also specify.

Duplicate Submissions lets you specify what to do with duplicate files names in the same library.  You can select to create a new version of the file or append a set of characters to the end of the file name to make it unique.

Preserving Context will preserve the document’s audit logs when the file is routed.

Finally, rule managers simply lets you specify who can manage the rules.  In addition, you can set whether the rule managers should receive an email when an uploaded document doesn’t match any of the rules or when a document was been left in the drop off library.  You can also specify how many days to wait before the emails are sent.

Content Organizer Rules
Once your settings are in place, you can begin creating your rules.  Creating the rules is also simple.  You’ll start by clicking on the Content Organizer Rules link in the site settings.  You’ll be taken to a list where you can click “Add New Item” and create your new rule.

Start by providing a name for your rule and the priority.  The rule with the highest priority will determine where the document gets routed.  If two rules have the same priority, the first one in will determine the location.  You can also deactivate the rule if necessary.

Next, on the same screen, you can select the content type that the rule applies to.  After you select the content type, you can create up to 6 conditions that will make up your rule.  Each condition allows you to select a field, operator, and value.

Finally, you can select the target location.

Click OK, and your rule is ready to go.