Unable to Delete Some Sites in the Admin Center’s New Site Management Page

I noticed a little quirk in the new Site Management page.  It’s new so I don’t expect it to be perfect.  I was playing with Hub Sites for a separate blog post and I wanted to start from scratch so I deleted my Hub Site via the UI.  I then tried to delete the site that was joined to the hub but I wasn’t given the option to.  The issue wasn’t limited to sites that were associated with hub sites either.

Here’s a communication site that I am able to delete.  It also happens to be a hub site but the issue isn’t specific to hub sites or communication sites.

Site Management with delete

And here’s the site that I wanted to delete.  You’ll notice that the Delete icon is missing.  A few other sites were like that too.

Site Management without delete

I had to resort to PowerShell to remove the site.

Remove-SPOSite https://tenant.sharepoint/sites/teamone

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