How to Extract Location Data with PnPJS

The SharePoint location field is a nice way of adding location information with the help of Bing Maps. It contains quite a bit of information about a given location. The field stores the data in JSON format so it’s simple to get the data that you need.

A location will be stored in the following format:

	"EntityType": "LocalBusiness",
	"LocationSource": "Bing",
	"LocationUri": "",
	"UniqueId": "",
	"DisplayName": "Microsoft",
	"Address": {
		"Street": "45 Liberty Boulevard",
		"City": "Malvern",
		"State": "PA",
		"CountryOrRegion": "US",
		"PostalCode": "19355"
	"Coordinates": {
		"Latitude": 40.05588912963867,
		"Longitude": -75.52118682861328

If you’re building a web part with React, and are using the pnpjs libraries, it’s pretty straight forward and here’s a snippet showing how you might do it.

import { sp } from '@pnp/sp';


     .items.getById(id).get().then((item: any) => {
         //parse the event location info
        const location = JSON.parse(item['Event_x0020_Location']);


So once you have an item, you can assign it’s location field to a variable/const using JSON.Parse. Once you have that, you can access the data via properties. Address is available and has properties of it’s own. City, State, etc. That’s it. Pretty simple.

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