Read Names from a Person Field with PnPJS

If you’re starting out and you need to read names from a person field, it may not be clear how to go about this. In this example, I have a list that has an Organizer person field. In order for me to get the name(s) in that field for a given item, I will name the fields that I need in my select and then expand my Organizer field. If you don’t do this, all that get’s returned is an OrganizerId field.

   .select("Title", "Organizers/Title", "Event_x0020_Location/Address", "Members")
    .get().then((item: any) => {
      // array of meeting organizers
      const meetingOrganizers = item['Organizers'];



In the example, we’re naming a few fields that we want returned. Title, Organizer/Title, Event Location/Address, and Members. Then we expand Organizers/Title. Expanding Organizer/Title will include the names of the individuals as an array of objects. I used a console.log to display the first record in this example. Hope that saves you some time.

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